Fundraising Ideas

Bread for Life Sale

Ask members of your church/organization to donate homemade or store-bought bread and host a bread sale. Don’t price the bread, but tell patrons to choose a baked bread item and give whatever they wish. (One of our churches raised $1000 in one Sunday!)

Garage Sale

Ask members to clean out their attics and garages and have a sale.

Holiday Craft Bazaar

Offer an assortment of items in a variety of price ranges. Some ideas for sale items: floral arrangements, baby booties, mittens, needlepoint, crewel, quilts, purses, Christmas decorations, grab bags for kids, decoupage, candles, stuffed animals…the list is endless!

Car Wash

Get the young people involved in this one! Provide a prize, like a pizza party, and you may be able to encourage several youth groups to challenge each other. Car washes are fun and young people are competitive, so give them a little incentive and watch ‘em go!


Ask a local recording group to perform at a fundraising concert. Advertise throughout the community. Plan the event around a season or holiday. Sell tickets or offer the concert for free and ask for love offerings. (Go to our facebook page to see photos from one of the concerts held by a Lexington church)

Book Fair

Ask for donated books. No need to price individual books – simply charge $2 for hard covers and $1 for paperbacks.

Concession Stands

State and county fairs, church fairs, concerts and sporting events always have a soda and hot dog stand. In some areas, organizations who operate one of these booths during an event receive the profits as a donation so look in your community for opportunities.


Ask an artist to donate one of his/her works or auction a well-known person’s (i.e.,mayor, minister, priest, local celebrity) services for a dinner party. Contact local business, hotels and restaurants for auction items.

Luncheon / Dinner with Silent Auction

Host a luncheon/dinner and invite a well-known guest speaker. Contact local businesses, hotels, and restaurants for silent auction items as well as asking for donations from your members. You can also do a live auction for a few very valuable items – like a vacation weekend!